About Health Gateway

What is Health Gateway? 

Health Gateway is a unique, online resource in Canada designed to meet health information and support needs common to people living with complex chronic illnesses and episodic disabilities (for example arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, some forms of mental illness and cancer) and their loved ones.

Whether newly diagnosed or already living with health conditions, Health Gateway is your gateway to navigating the health care “maze” and finding the information you need to manage your daily life.

Who is behind Health Gateway?

Health Gateway, a website created jointly by Bridgepoint Active Healthcare and realize (formerly CWGHR), has produced a fulsome and informative database of resources that help people living with complex chronic illness and episodic disabilities be active participants in their care. This partnership has allowed for shared learning and development of a resource that was the first of its kind for these specific groups in Canada. In March 2014, realize assumed full ownership of Health Gateway.

Realize is a national nonprofit organization that works to address issues of disability and rehabilitation in the context of living with HIV and other episodic disabilities. For more information about realize, please visit the website.