Health Gateway would not be possible without the existence of the many government and non-government organizations and individuals that create and make helpful content available online to support people with complex chronic illnesses and episodic disabilities. We are greatly indebted to all the creators of quality resources that support our Health Gateway audience.

We would like to recognize the instrumental role of the Health Gateway Steering Committee, Bridgepoint Health and realize (formerly CWGHR) staff, who gave their time and expertise in helping Health Gateway come to fruition. We would especially like to thank the many people living with complex chronic conditions and episodic disabilities who helped with vision, priority setting and the realization of Health Gateway. It is thanks to their input and feedback that we created an online resource that we hope meets many of their needs.

We also like to thank Leigh Himel of Gravity Ltd, Susan Ewing, Tim Cormick, members of the Ontario Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services Network, the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance and the Ontario Episodic Disability Network (OEDN) in providing strategic direction, advice, quality resources or content for Health Gateway.